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About Sacred walker

Sacred Walker, MDiv, RDT, RMO



"Empowering visionary women and everyday superheroes to cultivate unshakable confidence grounded in clarity- while fulfilling their dreams, guidance in creating consistent habits towards success, silencing the inner critic & truly fostering a healthier quality of life, and steering life changes to truly get out of their own way and enjoy their level-up leadership power moves - for a lasting legacy." - Sacred Walker

This recipient of the Senator's Proclamation in New York State- for her commitment to women's health, and podcast host Audible- Defy the Odds: Self Love for Everyday Superheroes Talkshow, and has been featured in Essence, Black Enterprise, BEQ Pride, Young Boss Brand TV, Psychology Today, Goldman Sachs 10K SB, Women Entrepreneur's NYC, and numerous podcasts and magazines worldwide… uses this training & experience to
lead thousands to their victory in positioning themselves as an expert in their niche and use their inner POWER, and often painful past, to create habits and implement real time strategies for success, to their Next Level and healthier life and calling in leadership.

Having overcome a series of life changing experiences at a young age, a 12-year entrepreneurial career and highly decorated women's health advocate ad coach with harrowing exposure to countless experiences of violence that left her emotional bankrupt and financially as a first generation Caribbean immigrant, failing consistently to create the financial freedom she was not raised to fully understand, Sacred Walker has drawn upon her past pain to connect her closer to her calling.

woman wearing white shirt lying on green grass

Her mission is to empower individuals to unlock their inner strength and realize their fullest potential as leaders and change-makers. As the Founder and CEO of Everyday Superheroes Coaching Company, Sacred Walker offers a range of transformative services, including personalized coaching, dynamic events, and online seminars. Through these offerings, Sacred equips emerging and established women, thought leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs, and game changers with the tools and strategies to harness their POWER and lead fulfilling lives on their own terms. Join Sacred on a journey of empowerment and transformation, where thousands have shifted their lives, careers, and businesses through her guidance.

Her core belief is “Regardless of what the world expects from you… you can do more. Regardless of what they expect, you won’t be held back. Regardless of what is expected of you, you can do the impossible! SHATTER EXPECTATIONS!


My L.O.V.E. Mission

My mission is to help 1 Million women and everyday superheroes fully LOVE their life and how they lead. Sharing how I went from pain to Power. The ultimate goal for visionary leaders is to be joyful, have a better quality of life and mental health, and prosper using their expertise. The journey is to tap into and possess the self love, self care, and winning mindset to cultivate success strategies needed to win in life for a lasting legacy. Stand out and prosper- without being spread thin, or having blocks to your shine- to create the legacy for our families to come.

My L.O.V.E. Mission is to guide one million visionary women and everyday superheroes on a transformative journey towards realizing their boldest dreams and aspirations, all while nurturing their holistic well-being. Through individual metamorphoses, I am your Vision doula- aspiring to ignite a powerful wave of change, breaking free from generational patterns and paving the way for healing and prosperity.

"Unlock the boundless potential within you, for as a Visionary Leader and woman of color, my inherent strength and power are already poised for greatness-and yours are too!" - Sacred Walker

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"I’m here to help you unveil it and set your breakthrough into motion!

What do you crave?

A steady income stream that’s in your grasp…

Heightened confidence…


To authentically feel incredible every single day…


As visionary women and/or everyday superheroes, we possess remarkable, unparalleled power that defines us and sets us apart.

Not in comparison to anyone else who does not want a life on purpose, but on our own unique terms.

We radiate resilience, determination, and resourcefulness that run deep and inspire awe.

And if you're not harnessing this power to craft the life you desire emotionally and financially – you're missing out!

As someone who understands the significance of roles like wife, mother, aunt, sister, grandmother, leader, dreamer, you know these are deeply rewarding responsibilities.

But they only scratch the surface of who you are – or who you can become.

MOST visionaries I engage with yearn for the power, knowledge, and confidence to launch their own ventures or are on the edge of a breakthrough and want consistent habits to make their dreams reality– empowering them to lead lives of fulfillment and joy.

I've journeyed through the depths of despair, grappling with heartache, pain, and loneliness- doing the solo hustle- even in a room full of team members or colleagues or friends.

But TODAY, I have it all! Yes, everything I desire, I manifest.

It's not just about wealth, possessions, or financial security.

I've discovered happiness, contentment, positive mental health, and JOY.

That's why I'm here to take your hand and guide you to the same destination.

No matter where you stand, what challenges you face, what odds, or doubts you harbor, I'm here to reassure you…

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You can achieve BOTH Financial AND Emotional FREEDOM!

And the journey starts today, right at this very moment!

Can you sense the CALLING… The pull of that INNER STRENGTH yearning to break free? This distinct feminine POWER has guided countless women – women and everyday superheroes we admire – to embrace their true selves. And the FIRST STEP was granting themselves the gift of embracing their own AMAZINGNESS.

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And let me assure you, I've experienced firsthand what it's like to feel anything BUT amazing. I understand...

I was helping to raise my sister as a 2nd mom as a young adult, in the face of family tragedy and change ...

I was abused as a young adult, had surgery at the age of 4 due to the trauma impact, and grew to to be the head of household at a young age ...

Battled against societal stereotypes and limited expectations, striving to prove worth and potential in academic and professional environments.

Despite professional success, grappled with ongoing chronic pain from past trauma, impacting productivity and quality of life, prompting a quest for holistic healing solutions.

I’ve been flagged code orange 15 times, and deemed a threat when travelling, because I was not an US citizen until an adult

And not surprisingly, after all this, I was diagnosed with chronic pain symptoms that were all stress related false alarm flare ups ... including arthritis, intense PMS, heart attack, and so forth!

It was at this point, as an burnt out, spread thin, single yet-again, chronically in pain, head of household 2nd single mom a spirited girl, and full time health care coordinator and associate executive director committed to a life of service — that I was seeking more. I truly craved more, because I was starting over with barely enough to get to work in my pocket even with a full time job, and a circle of friends who truly who I longed to feel truly authentic and belong— especially emotionally. And when my family had a mental health tragedy- I woke up to the reality of how stress can truly breakdown your life- and I went back to school to create a new generational legacy- there was a bigger calling on my life.

I just didn’t know what that “more” was or how to get to it. What I didn’t want was more pain and abuse, less self care or stability, more setbacks, more financial hardship or more pain that ached down to my soul.

And deepened my wealth mastery strategies and mindset to create emotional and financial freedom for visionaries like me - who defy the odds!

While recounting these experiences may evoke trauma, my intention in sharing them is to illustrate that regardless of one's circumstances, it's possible to summon the inner fortitude needed to transcend adversity. Through courage and resilience, I navigated through the darkness, dispelling negativity to carve out a path toward the enduring stability I sought for my family's future.

Now, I stand ready to leverage the hard-earned wisdom gained from my journey to empower YOU towards your own success. I can, and now, I'm here to guide you that you can too!

I'm here to guide you in tapping into your innate power — the very power I know resides within you — so you can achieve the life and financial success you desire.

Why am I confident that I can assist you in achieving this?

Because within a span of fewer than three years, I transformed my life from its food stamps to owning a multi-six figure business and self-care routine of my own- which defied the odds. A wellbeing advantage strategy that I built. And once I was emotionally stable and on track to financial freedom, I decided to focus on giving back — and helping other visionaries like you succeed. I wanted to help everyday superheroes and visionary leaders discover how amazing they are- and have the mental health plan and success strategies to prove it for emotional and financial freedom!


Today, I’ve helped thousands of everyday superheroes and visionaries worldwide to discover the wellbeing advantage- a life of fulfilling their calling, while improving their quality of life- for a more fulfilling life. Through delving into the depths of their challenges, uncovering the barriers holding them back, I aim to empower women and everyday superheroes like you to seize victory in both life and leadership. Your triumph is my relentless pursuit, the driving force behind every sunrise. I am here to be the mentor, the ally, the guiding light that I once yearned for on my own journey from adversity to achievement. In a world filled with vague assurances, my commitment lies in providing you with a clear, actionable pathway to success—a roadmap tailored to your unique aspirations and desires.

I believe there are 3 key facets of every visionary leader...

Pursuing Clarity of purpose

Healing on the other side of an Unwavering resilience

SELF-LOVE- a relentless commitment to holistically live

And if I can guide you in unlocking your inner Boundless LOVE, then you absolutely can attain it ALL — from nurturing relationships to a thriving quality of life, and from unshakeable confidence to boundless self-worth.

I am here to assist you in beginning, regardless of the stage you find yourself in life.

Your essence, your actions, your mindset, and paving the path for your next moves.

I will help you reclaim your vision of what you want, and empower your mental health and quality of life.

I'll demonstrate the tremendous importance of continually investing in personal growth, especially as you embark on building your business. I'll provide coaching to support you in making the transition from your current job to the next phase, guiding you as you enhance your life amidst changes in your financial circumstances.

If you're inspired to follow a path similar to mine, making a meaningful impact as a Speaker, Writer, or Coach/Mentor, or to create consistent habits to transform sabotage into success strategies, I'll provide you with the guidance to begin. I'll equip you with the strategies to amplify your influence and become a powerful catalyst for others, empowering them to attain greater FREEDOM. Remember, regardless of your current stage, there's always a pathway to a more fulfilling life, and you don't have to navigate it alone.

I'm prepared to collaborate with you to uncover your desired identity and guide you towards becoming who you aspire to be. Together, we'll embark on the journey to success, laying down the necessary foundation and structure for you to achieve the lifestyle you truly deserve.

And your very first step is to accept my FREE Gift right now ...

It’s a safe, risk free, no obligation way to learn more about me AND more about yourself. Go ahead, take it. This is the simplest "next step" you can take to transform your life.

Go ahead, just seize it It's the simplest "next step" you can take towards transforming your life. So, I implore you... Disregard all your doubts, fears, and reasons why you shouldn’t, can’t, won’t, or don’t want to... and just take the leap of faith... in you!

Allow me to support you.

I’m not here to promise you happiness—only you can find that within yourself. However, I can guide you to a place where you have the essentials—physically, financially, emotionally—to seek happiness and contentment. My Gift to you can provide immediate assistance. It will initiate a shift in your mindset and prepare you for greatness—in your family, in launching a new business, and in life. It takes just a minute, and I guarantee it will mark the beginning of a rewarding journey together! If you’re ready, I encourage you to take the first step now.

Reach out, and let’s embark on this journey together!

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My Gift to you can help you right away as it delivered in your inbox. It will help you start to transform your mindset right when you awaken to create your miracle morning. And help you prepare for your lifestyle to support your vision, with the healthiest and happiest you… in your life, relationships, and as a leader.

It will only take a few minutes. I am confident it will be the start of a rewarding relationship!

So if you are ready- Hand in hand.

Let’s go!

Success Stories

I most appreciated the paced and gradual way that we were moved through the program. My most important foci were identifying core purpose and using that to clarify, strategize, and time goals along the way. I was able to identify blockages in my own thinking and that came through the community conversations where I listened to others and felt heard. Sacred Walker is remarkable for her insights into each participant born of an active connection to each person. She really worked to ensure that she was understanding each person. I never felt boxed or coerced into her insights but felt lifted into a relationship that was always creating space for us to grow into, embrace, and utilize according to our need. She was very patient and could stay with persons where they were. It was a very good and enlightening experience. Thank you, Sacred."

-Dr. Spencer Miller

“… My most important foci were identifying core purpose and using that to clarify, strategize, and time goals along the way. I was able to identify blockages in my own thinking and that came through the community conversations where I listened to others and felt heard. Sacred Walker is remarkable for her insights into each participant born of an active connection to each person. She really worked to ensure that she was understanding each person...”

  • Professor, theologian, leader, author

Support session are really good. I felt comfortable with Sacred. I felt like I m in a safe place and no one is judging. I also like that the motivational card picks at the end, that helps leaving the session on a positive note. She takes great time and care to understand where we come from and our background is. Overall very positive experience… You are really good, compassionate and happy that we are working in this crazy time of mine!

  • Consultant, Child Psychotherapist

"This experience has helped me to focus on what my goals need to be in order to achieve my success."

  • Project Manager

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